Meet the Designer  

   Meredith Carver
Owner  |  Designer  |  Bucket Washer  |   Delivery Driver  |  Dog Lover

Why Riverstone?

I named my business Riverstone Florals as a bit of an homage to my childhood, growing up on the Saco river in Bartlett, NH.  We spent sun soaked, summer days bouncing along the smooth river rocks, skipping rocks and picking wild blueberries.

 My love for nature began with the river.

On Rainy Days,

When I Can't be Outside in the Gardens, I am ...

Cooking up something delicious for my favorite fisherman (probably with a glass of vino nearby).  I love picking fresh herbs and tomatoes from the summer gardens. Now if only I could grow an avocado tree for guacamole!

My Bestie is a Beast...


I have always been an animal lover, I spend a lot of time on the trails, hiking with my dog bestie - a very large GSD that loves barking at and chasing crows.  


As the years go by our walks have been getting a bit shorter, but the enthusiasm is always the same!

When we were kids...

My mother always planted a big vegetable garden, complete with a huge bean tipi.  My brothers and I hated weeding the garden and picking beans, but loved a good tomato fight.  Ironically, now I am pulling weeds for a living, but I still don't like picking beans.